clorama-dorviliasClorama Dorvilias’ Debias VR is using virtual reality to make diversity training more immersive, interactive, and fun. There are various controversies around the Implicit Association Tests (IAT) that are related towards how far the abstractions of interacting with computer screens can get to some of the unconscious embodied dimensions of implicit bias, and so Debias VR has implemented the IAT within VR using simulated classroom environments with racial and gender diversity.

Research has shown that VR can help to cultivate pro-social behaviors, and so Debias VR hopes to use the affordances of VR to help to identify some of these unconscious patterns of implicit bias, and then have simulated environments that can help to cultivate and practice behaviors that encourage diversity and inclusion. Social psychology tests are difficult because of the many different variables that are hard to keep consistent across different tests, but simulated environments in virtual worlds can start to add a level of empirical consistency for this type of research. Immersive VR technologies can also start to quantify the human behaviors, and perhaps there will be more methods in order to understand and model these types of unconscious implicit behaviors.


I had a chance to talk with Debias VR CEO and Founder Dorvilias at the Facebook F8 conference where we talked about implicit bias, diversity training, the cognitive neuroscience of implicit bias, creating safe contexts for hard conversations, and the future of using VR to help understand and train the skills for cultivating diversity and inclusion.

Here’s a trailer for Debias VR’s Teacher’s Lens experience.

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