#643: Matt Miesnieks on the State of the AR Ecosystem

matt-miesnieksMatt Miesnieks is creating an AR cloud with 6D.AI, which aims to “synchronize 3D computer vision data across devices, time and space” in order to enable “persistent content, occlusion, and real-time shared experiences.” Miesnieks has founded a number of AR start-ups including Dekko, and he’s also a partner with the early-stage AR fund Super Ventures. I had a chance to catch up with Miesnieks back in October 2017 after the Google Pixel 2 announcement to get an update on the state of the AR industry. He gives a brief survey of the AR ecosystem, compares other AR solutions to what the Microsoft HoloLens has accomplished, and lists some of the open problems left to be solved in the AR space (including some of the things that 6D.AI are working on).


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