#521: SVVR Keynote: Historical Context of VR + Elemental Theory of Presence

KentBye-Avatar-2016I had the chance to give the keynote at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference where I provide some historical context for virtual reality tracing the evolution of communications mediums in order to contextualize my elemental theory of presence. It traces the history of the science and philosophy, and shows how VR is providing a direct experience of how much of our reality is subjectively constructed with our entire bodies. Hopefully this talk will help contextualize where we’ve been and where we’re going with VR, as well as a holistic framework to doing experiential design.


Here’s the video of the talk:

And here’s the slides from my presentation:

Historical Context for Virtual Reality: An Elemental Theory of Presence from Kent Bye

Here’s the link to this presentation on Facebook if you’d like to share it there.

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