Josh Farkas of Cubicle Ninjas talks about the Guided Meditation VR experience as a relaxing break for people.

Josh-FarkasHe also talks about the process of pitching VR to businesses, and what they’re doing to counter the negative, stereotypical views of virtual reality that are based upon the failures to live up to the 1990s hype. Josh says that once people experience VR, then that helps them to start to see the potential of what’s possible and how they could use it for their business.

Cubicle Ninjas works with Fortune 1000 companies and has a couple of demos that they’re showing to businesses including an architecture demo as well as a panoramic video that shows a number of different locations. He says that the location-based VR experiences are definitely the ones that are the easiest ones to pitch because the application is powerful and immediately clear. They’ve been able to get creative in making that connection between place and telling brand stories by showing a number of exotic locations with the message that a financial services credit card could be used at all of these different places.

Finally, he provides some more details about their meditation experience and intention behind that as well as their experiments with binaural audio, top feature requests and future plans. Overall, Josh is interesting in exploring VR beyond just gaming, and continue to explore how VR could be used by B2B and B2C companies to create experiences that he would enjoy having in VR.

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  • 0:00 – Intro. Cubicle Ninjas wanted to build their own apps. Releasing a guided meditation app to give people a break over lunch. Want to build apps for businesses.
  • 0:58 – Cubicle Ninjas is a design agency, and have done a lot of mobile dev, but VR is the next generation tech that combines audio, video and 3d to tell interesting stories
  • 1:33 – Feedback and interest from customers on VR. Amazing response so far. Perception that VR is stuck in 1990, until they see a demo in the Rift. Demoing the Rift help break those perceptions and show the potential of VR.
  • 2:17 – They have two demos that they’re showing. Architecture demo to show a specific location. Panoramic video of different locations for a financial services company to show that credit cards are accepted at different places.
  • 3:22 – Press release announcing VR for business. VR doesn’t have to just for games. Highly valuable applications for B2B and B2C companies. Brands can tell their story in a new way.
  • 4:00 – Target demographic for Cubicle Ninjas. Fortune 1000 companies. Use VR to push innovation.
  • 4:38 – Location-based VR experiences are strong, but how do you apply that to a business context? Find a way to ground it in a real scenario can be difficult. Build stuff that they would want to use
  • 5:23 – VR experiences that you enjoy. Technolust. Unello Design’s Eden River. Pong with your Face in VR. Back to the Future.
  • 6:16 – Meditation application: 8-10 minute application. No set goals. Virtual beach and walked through some breathing exercises. Expand to different meditations and different environments.
  • 7:00 – Binaural audio or binaural beats? Not yet. But requests for audio books in VR
  • 7:22 – Integrating biometric feedback into the meditation application. Interview with Rollin McCraty on Institute of HeartMath.
  • 8:44 – Neurogaming and biometric feedback within VR. Creating a better and more relaxing VR experience.
  • 9:26 – What’s next for Cubicle Ninjas. Expand the guided meditation experiences. Show the reality of VR to counter the negative perceptions.

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