#116: Julie Heyde & Mariam Zakarian on bringing Norse mythology to life with RagnarökVR & explorational horror

Julie Heyde & Mariam Zakarian talk about the process of bringing the stories of Norse mythology to life with their RagnarökVR experience. Julie talks about going from hacking in Unity3d by herself to doing a series of game jams to eventually recruiting a total of a dozen people from the indie gaming scene.

Julie talks about the inspiration coming from facing one of her childhood fears of wolves, but also to explore some the Norse myths that she’s grown up with. They talk about the process of crafting an explorational horror experience, and how they’re going beyond using jump scares.

A big motivation for Julie is to create the type of virtual reality experiences that she wants to loose herself in. Their team has been taking a very iterative, game jam approach of rapidly prototyping ideas and then getting a lot of user feedback by showing it frequently at various public gatherings.

Theme music: “Fatality” by Tigoolio

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