#1107: Tribeca XR: Emoji Gestures & Social VR Watch Party of 360 Video Survey of PoC Artists in Maine with “Exhibition A”

Exhibition A is “A love letter to women of color written in virtual reality… [that] showcases talent from the POC, immigrant, non-binary, LGBTQ, and Black communities in Portland, Maine.” I had a chance to speak with project creator and producer Janay Woodruff (founder Coded by Young Women of Color) as well as Dr. Theo Greene, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Bowdoin College, who provided live commentary on the different featured artists in a guided tour of the cultural landscape of Portland, Maine. The foundation of Exhibition A is 360 footage of these different artists, but the heart of the experience is an interactive watch party experience that makes it feel more like a live performance and party. It features a social VR layer with gesture-based 3D emojis produced by Yarn Corporation (Sam Mateosian) and creative technologist Nick Hall (aka Tripdragon). I talked with Woodruff about her journey in creating this project, and Greene shared a lot of additional context and sociological insights about the dimensions of sexuality and race as connected to the place of Portland, Maine.


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Music: Fatality

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Episode 1107