#1086: Anne McKinnon on the Ristband Music Platform going into Alpha, Pixel Streaming, & the Future of Musical Experiences

The Ristband music platform (formerly known as Overview Ark) launched an alpha version at SXSW during co-founder Roman Rappak’s mixed reality show with his band Miro Shot that I previously covered in episode #1082. Ristband is described as “your portal to the metaverse” in order to “perform shows, discover music, play games, and hang out with friends.”

I spoke with the other co-founder of Ristband Anne McKinnon to hear more about her journey into VR, how she started collaborating with Miro Shot in 2017, her XR blogging at The Boolean, getting an Epic Megagrant and implementing Pixel Streaming to get AAA-quality graphics, Ristband’s Report on Diversity in the Metaverse [PDF], their evolving business model and how web3, NFTs, or cryptocurrency may be explored through third-party integrations.

I’m currently bit skeptical for how web3 will integrate into the Metaverse that I started to detail here in this Twitter thread, but here are some resources that have influenced my thinking on the topic:

McKinnon said that the exact business models of the Metaverse are still evolving, and they’ll be exploring whatever emerging tech platforms best serve the needs of independent musicians to be able to hold compelling music experiences on an immersive platform, to enable fans to discover new artists and facilitate the connection to other fans, provide VIP experiences, provide monetization opportunities for digital merch (whether 1st-party implementations or 3rd-party integrations). Right now they’re using cloud rendering and pixel streaming technology, and so it’s not a fully immersive VR experience just yet.

Ristband is an event-based platform that’s still in an alpha phase, and so be sure to join their Discord to hear more about upcoming events to check out their platform.


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