Dan-BeelerThe process of diagnosing a concussion is largely a subjective process of variations of attention, focus, and balance, which means that the existing self-reporting methods are unreliable and easily gamed. Using foundational research from military research, SyncThink has created a portable concussion diagnostic tool that uses a tablet and either a Gear VR or Oculus Rift DK2 fitted with an SMI eye tracker. They claim to be able to objectively detect symptoms of a concussion within 60 seconds through subtle variations of attention and an impaired ability to make predictions of a moving dot within VR. I had a chance to catch up with SyncThink CTO Dan Beeler at TechCrunch Disrupt SF in September 2016 to talk about the science and technology behind their EYE-SYNC product.


SyncThink just announced the second generation of their EYE-SYNC product on June 26th with features a “cloud-connected, HIPAA compliant analytics platform that delivers results in under 60 seconds without bias from the patient or clinician.” Watch their promo video below for more information or check out their website. Note that the demo being shown at Disrupt last September was using a DK2, but that their latest promo video shows a Gear VR being fit with SMI Eye Tracking technology.

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