#993 HTC’s China President Alvin Wang Graylin on Vive Focus 3, Vive Pro 2, Vive Business Software, & VTubing Tracking Peripherals

HTC announced two new, enterprise-focused VR headsets at their Vivecon on Tuesday May 11th. The Vive Focus 3 is a standalone VR HMD with an impressive 2,448 x 2,448 per-eye resolution, 90Hz, 120° FoV, new controllers, swappable battery, and priced at $1,300. The New Vive Pro 2 VR HMD was also announced also with a 2,448 × 2,448 (6.0MP) per-eye resolution, but with 120 Hz, dual-element Fresnel lenses, 120° diagonal FoV, 120Hz refresh rate, $800, and June 3 release. HTC also annoucned a number of new Vive Business software offerings including Vive Business App Store, Vive Business Training, Vive Business Streaming, & Vive Business Device Management.

alvin-wang-graylinI had a chance to talk with Alvin Wang Graylin, the China President at HTC about HTC’s two new VR headsets, the launch of Vive Business, and more context on their Vive XR Ecosystem, new Vive Trackers, Facial tracker, and trends of virtual idols & VTubers including their new virtual spokeperson named VEE.

Here’s my Twitter thread from Vivecon and Virtual Vive Ecosystem Conference:


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