#99: Andrew Eiche on Serious Games in VR at Booz Allen Hamilton


Andrew Eiche was in the Digital Interactive Group leading the Serious Games division at Booz Allen Hamilton at the time of this interview at Oculus Connect. He talks about CelluVR, which is an interactive educational experience through the circulatory system. In this VR experience, you ride through a vein inside of a nanoprobe to the heart, into the lungs, back to the heart, and then back to the body while educational commentary is provided throughout the journey.

Here’s what Andrew discusses:

  • The mandate at Booz Allen Hamilton was to push innovation with cool technology like VR.
  • A key lesson was that the lead-in to the experience was key in order to orient you into a virtual space. Their target audience was students and teachers.
  • Frame rate is king. They also minimized fear by having calming sound effects like a heartbeat with ethereal music.
  • Lessons in VR locomotion & minimizing motion sickness through a lot of testing and by being inside of a nanoprobe ship to minimize vection effects.
  • How being at a microscale enables being able to see individual cells and other surprising insights
  • Strategies for testing and getting feedback to ensure that they’re creating comfortable VR experiences. They see that it’s successful because their demo booth is always packed. They did 1800 demos in three days at a conference
  • The changed the path of the nanobot a lot based upon feedback. Had to ensure that the doors don’t close too soon to go through a wall, which breaks presence.
  • It is a predetermined path, but they’re working on making it more interactive
  • Also investigating how to visualize data within Oculus that makes it interesting to look at. They’ve been calling it the “Standing in the River of Data.” Trying to see if it’s possible to create a sense of presence with the data rather than making it a numbers game.
  • They’re looking at migratory patterns across the US, but trying to create a toolkit to create abstract experiences based upon the input data.
  • VR input controls while working with data. Integrating with Leap Motion to get your hands into VR
  • Inspired Darknet & Owlchemy Labs and use their rules of VR for minimizing motion sickness

Finally, Andrew sees that that the ultimate goal will be people interacting together within a virtual space.

Theme music: “Fatality” by Tigoolio

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