#982: The Polys WebXR Awards Highlighting the Best WebXR Experiences of 2020

The Polys WebXR Awards was an awards show on February 20th, 2021 founded by Ben Irwin in collaboration with Sophia Moshasha and Julie Smithson. Irwin wanted to feature a lot of the work that’s been happening on the immersive web in the year 2020 since the official WebXR spec was finally shipped on the Chrome Browser on December 10, 2019. The Polys WebXR Awards was a live show streamed on Twitch and with “Meta Multiverse” watch parties within Mozilla Hubs, AltSpaceVR, Engage, and Tivoli Cloud. They had an hour-long pre-awards show featuring pre-recorded, red carpet interviews, and they awarded 11 awards across a number of different categories.

I brought together Irwin, Moshasha, and Smithson three days after the show in order to unpack their journey in producing the event, as well as some of their highlights and takeaways in celebrating the experiences and developers who are helping to make the immersive web possible. There is not a video archive available for the show as they wanted to keep it ephemeral and in the moment, but you can see all of the nomminees on their WebXR Awards website or links to all of the nominees and winner can also be found in my Twitter thread coverage of the WebXR awards. They are also planning on posting more clips over the next year on their WebXR Awards YouTube Channel considering they captured a lot of historically interesting interviews and conversations.

Here’s a full list of the Polys WebXR Awards winners:


Here’s my Twitter thread from the event listing all of the winners and nominees:

UPDATE (March 11) Ricardo clarifies on Twitter that he as indeed won a few awards prior to his WebXR Lifetime Achievement Award.

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