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Nightss is an sensual experience that’s structured around an erotic Polish-language poem by Weronika Lewandowska that uses dance and spatial metaphors in VR to create an immersive poem. She collaborated with co-director and co-screenwriter Sandra Frydrysiak who also has a background in dance. They both are very interested in researching how the immersive experience they created impacts the neuroscience of embodiment, perception, and empathy in collaboration with the University of Social Sciences & Humanities in Warsaw.

Lewandowska and Frydrysiak are also interested in creating immersive experiences that help the audience feel embraced, immersed, safe, intimate, and sensual, and they’re working with the Visual Narratives Lab do help do some research into directing attention and other foundational research topics for immersive storytelling. They coded Lewandowska’s poem, and used it to structure multiple layers of story that included the emotions, visuals, movement, music, interaction, and overall immersion. Poetry uses a lot of powerful visual metaphor, and so it makes sense that the translation of poetry into immersive poems will help to form the underlying affordances of the spatial language of virtual reality and immersive storytelling.


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Here’s a performance of Weronika Lewandowska’s poem featured in Nightsss

Music: Fatality

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