Depthkit’s volumetric capture solution is democratizing access to the tools of volumetric filmmaking. I had a chance to do a deep dive with two of the co-founders of Scatter, James George (CEO) & Alexander Porter, who have been pioneers in the volumetric capture space. We talk about the talk about the history, evolution, and future of volumetric filmmaking. But also how tools like Depthkit play an active part of shaping the storytelling affordances of the medium. We cover a number of different sensemaking frameworks to makes sense of emerging technology evolution and diffusion, but also the funding that catalyzes innovation and aspects of culture that are on the bleeding edge of digesting, disseminating, and pushing the boundaries of innovation around creative expression and immersive storytelling.

In the second half of this in-depth interview, we do a technical deep dive to look at some of the pragmatic challenges and open problems when it comes to integrating volumetric capture within an independent immersive storytelling project. We talk about Scatter’s intention of democratizing access to the tools of volumetric filmmaking and the decision to move from a scrappy open source project to a fully-fledged start-up company with funding and customers.

The team behind Scatter and Depthkit are some of the most experienced immersive industry veterans since the modern resurgence of consumer VR. Be sure to check out my previous interviews with George, Porter, & Yasmin Elyiat in Zero Days VR as well as The Changing Same, which debuted at Sundance 2021. I also have a number of unpublished interviews with the Depthkit team that I hope to publish at some point in order to fill the gaps within the history and evolution of volumetric filmmaking.


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