Tom Kaczmarczyk is a developer of SUPERHOT, which is an FPS where time moves only you move, which recently raised $250k on Kickstarter. It was a popular 2D game that was developed as a part of the 2013 7-Day First Person Shooter game challenge.

Tom-KaczmarczykTom talks about the evolution of the game, and how they first started their VR version of the game after Aaron Davies from Oculus VR reached out to them offering them a DK1 VR HMD to experiment with. He talks about the challenges of creating a 2D game first and foremost, and then adding VR support. He talks about some of the ways that SUPERHOT might be developed differently had it been an experience that was designed for VR first rather than adding VR compatibility to a 2D game.

Theme music: “Fatality” by Tigoolio

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