4 Feet: Blind Date - Still 3

On November 26, 2016, Rosario Perazolo gave a TEDxCórdoba talk about a wide range of cultural taboos she experiences as someone in a wheelchair. She talks about the transition of ooking at the world from the perspective of someone who was 5’7″, but now sees the world from the perspective of 4’0″ in her wheelchair. It was such an inspiring talk that it catalyzed a collaboration with VR directors Maria Belén Poncio and Damián Turkieh to see if virtual reality could help to being alive many of the taboos around disability that she talks about in her TEDx talk.

Originally imagined as a documentary, they eventually decided to produce it as a cinamatic VR piece so that they could explore other taboos around sexuality and disability. The result was 4-Feet: Blind Date, which was framed as a story of woman in wheelchair going on a blind date.

They intercut the timeline throughout the piece in order to accelerate the pacing, which allows you to question what happens within the gaps and provided opportunities to show a variety of the daily invasions of her privacy she described in her TEDx talk.

I had a chance to catch up with Perazolo, Belén Poncio, and Turkieh at Sundance 2019 where we talked about the development process for this project, as well as how they’re using VR to break taboos around disability and sexuality.


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