Maciek Szczerbowski & Chris Lavis of Clyde Henry Productions are stop motion artists at Clyde behind who wanted to deliver a dream while you’re awake. They collaborated with Félix & Paul Studios and the National Film Board Interactive of Canada on producing Gymnasia, which premiered at Tribeca 2019. I had a chance to catch up with Szczerbowski & Lavis as well as Félix & Paul Studios co-founder Paul Raphaël, and NFB Producer Dana Dansereau at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Raphaël talks about how they used a miniature stop motion VR camera in order to create the unique look and feel of Gymnasia. The creators all wanted to escape the baggage of the medium film, and they’re excited about the possibility to innovate within the medium of VR. Szczerbowski talks about the history of new mediums, and how there is always artists who want to use the medium to capture more reality and then other creators who want to go into the mind and into the dream world. He contrasted Alfred Stieglitz versus Man Ray in photography, and Luminere Brothers versus Georges Méliès in film, and then talked about how they’re trying to push forward the more dream-like qualities of virtual reality, and modeled this experience after the experience of a dream.

dana-dansereauGymnasia was released on the day of the premiere at Tribeca, and is currently available on the Oculus Rift & the Oculus Go


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