larry-minikesLarry Minikes is a technological pioneer in the consciousness hacking space having started in the space back in 1989 after seeing LED glasses at CES that flickered light in order to invoke different brainwave frequencies. Minikes went on to star AV Stem to create his own set of MindSpa glasses that leverages the frequency-following response of the brain combined with either binaural beats or polyphonic sounds in order to achieve different states of brainwave entrainment.

I had a chance to talk with Minikes at the Consciousness Hacking’s Awakened Futures Summit in order hear his own journey throughout the modern history of the consciousness hacking movement, how he’s seen the cultural shifts around meditative practices that used to be relegated into the fringes of the New Age movement, but have since had a lot more cultural acceptance stemming from a variety of different scientific studies proving out the efficacy and healing potential of a variety of different mindfulness practices. He also talks about some of the research around light & color from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Lighting Research Center as well as a MIT study that used light flickering at 40 hertz (gamma wavelength) that found that it could be potentially used as a noninvasive treatment improves memory and reduces amyloid plaques improve Alzheimer’s symptoms. We also talk about the variety of different brainwave frequencies, and his phenomenal experience of these different states of consciousness.


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