nicolas-goyerNicolas Goyer is a writer and philosopher who takes a tour through phenomenology & post-modern philosophy, and how the can provide insights into immersion, embodiment, imagination, mythology, and the human experience experience for experiential designers using the virtual reality medium.

  • Aby Warburg: Warburg Institute
  • Antonin Artaud: Theater of Cruelty
  • Ernst Cassirer: Philosophy of Symbolic Forms (1965)
  • Henri Bergson
  • Edmund Husserl: Cartesian Meditations: An Introduction to Phenomenology (1931) & The Crisis of European Sciences (1935)
  • Martin Heidegger: Being in Time (1927)
  • Jean-Paul Sartre: Being in Nothingness (1943)
  • Maurice Merleau-Ponty: The Phenomenology of Perception (1945), The Visible and the Invisible (1964), Cézanne’s Doubt essay in Sense and Non-Sense (1945 – 1947)
  • Jan Patocka: Plato and Europe (2002)
  • Emmanuel Levinas: Time and the Other (1987)
  • Jacques Derrida
  • Alfred North Whitehead: Process and Reality (1929)
  • Gilles Deleuze
  • Friedrich Schelling
  • François Jullien: Process or Creation: An introduction to the thought of the Chinese literati
  • Nora Bateson: An Ecology of Mind: A Daughter’s Portrait of Gregory Bateson
  • Robert Musil: The Man without Qualities (1996)
  • Antonio Damasio: Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain (2003)
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins: “Sprung Rhythm”
  • Richard Sennett: The Craftsman (2009)
  • Bernard Stiegler


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