marlon-fuentesMarlon Fuentes is a ethnomusicologist who looks at the culture of how people relate to music through an anthropological lens. He’s an emerging technologist who is tracking how virtual reality provides new opportunities for new culture to develop around how people engage, participate in, and relate to music within the context of these immersive experiences. He previously produced 360 videos for Buzzfeed using their “Cultural Cartography” framework for producing engaging content, but he found that 360-degree videos required more participation from the Buzzfeed audience that was otherwise a pretty passive experience of consuming & sharing viral media. I had a chance to catch up with Fuentes at VRLA where he talked about some of the rituals that we have around consuming media, his ethnomusicologist take on cultural habits and emerging rituals in VR, the ritualistic & participatory aspects of memes, and communities that have hive high levels of commitment, engagement, and retention.


The Wave VR has been doing a lot of innovative experiments with creating new cultural and social experiences of music, and they’re featuring an intimate hologram concert in Imogen Heap’s home that’s debuting on Friday, August 31, 2018. Here’s the first episode of Verge’s Future of Music show that features the collaboration between Imogen and The Wave VR to create this immersive experience.

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Music: Fatality

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Music: Fatality & Summer Trip

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