kentbye-avatar-2016I recently gave the keynote at the Immersive Technology Conference in Houston, TX where I talked about the many different maps that I use to understand reality & virtual reality. Because virtual reality is simulating reality, then a lot of these maps can also be used to understand reality as well. Some of these maps serve as experiential design frameworks for VR while others serve as high-level metaphors that provide category schemas that help differentiate between different qualitative experiences. There are an infinite number of ways to categorize qualitative experience, and so every attempt to do so is going to be inherently imperfect and substandard. A guiding principle that I use is from Polish philosopher Alfred Korzybski who said “the map is not the territory” meaning that these types of mental abstractions aren’t literally describing reality, but they are merely symbolic maps that help us understand our reality.


Here’s the video of my Immersive Technology Conference keynote.

Here are the slides via Slideshare

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