Alban-DenoyelOriginally launched in 2012, Sketchfab has grown to be the largest social media website for sharing 3D objects and scenes with over 500,000 members and close to 1 million experiences. At SIGGRAPH, Sketchfab launched their VR browser to be able to navigate between many different 3D objects without having to leave virtual reality. Once inside an Sketchfab experience, then you can teleport around and change the scale. Sketchfab can import over 30 different types of 3D file formats, and is currently working with the Tiltbrush team to be able to have direct support for exporting and sharing your 3D creations on the web.

I had a chance to catch up with Sketchfab co-founder Alban Denoyel at SIGGRAPH to talk about the evolution of Sketchfab over the years, and their two big bets that there are going to be more and more 3D content creators and consumers as virtual and augmented reality technologies become more mainstream.


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Music: Fatality & Summer Trip

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