Mihir-ShahI got the first glimpse of what advertising within a VR experience might look like when I saw a demo of some ads playing on the Immersv platform. I was within an movie theater similar to Oculus Cinema watching a 2D video screen where there was a 30-second video of a VR game being advertised. It’s still early days for advertising in VR, but Immersv co-founder & CEO Mihir Shah expects that VR has the potential to become a content marketing platform on steroids once it becomes easier to produce 3D spherical videos of VR gameplay, movies, and tourist destinations.

With the amount of immersion and engagement that virtual reality provides, Immersv expects that VR advertising will eventually draw some of the highest CPM rates as compared to other mediums. I had a chance to talk to Mihir at GDC about their initial per-view ad rates, how much VR developers are getting per view, their plans for growing the number of VR developers using their platform, and how they’re initially targeting causal VR experiences.


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