#167: Relive: A sci-fi serious game for teaching CPR with a Mini-Virtual Reality Enhanced Mannequin

Luca-MarchettiLuca Marchetti is the CEO of Studio Evil and he talks about developing a serious game called Relive. Relive is a sci-fi adventure game set on Mars that is designed to teach people CPR. There were demos taking place in the hallways at Oculus Connect with people wearing an Oculus Rift while pressing on a Mini-Virtual Reality Enhanced Mannequin that was being tracked by a Kinect.


Here’s a video of the Mini-Virtual Reality Enhanced Mannequin and Kinect integration, which was being worked on before Palmer launched the Oculus Rift Kickstarter in 2012.

Here’s a description of the mannequin:

The project involves the development of a serious game and a self-learning software specifically dedicated to quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
We developed Mini-VREM (Mini-Virtual Reality Enhanced Mannequin), a CPR feedback device with a new motion detection technology including a Kinect sensor and software specifically designed to analyse chest compression performance and provides real-time feedback in a cardiac arrest simulation training setting.

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