#155: Jazmin Cano on Educational VR startup Discovr

Jazmin-Cano Jazmin Cano is a 3D artist at the educational VR startup Discovr. Discovr was within the first class of companies within the Rothenberg Ventures River acceleration program. They are creating immersive education experiences that focus on experiential discovery, immersive environments, and engaged learning. Their vision statement explains how the immersive nature of VR can help provide a much more rich and vivid learning experience:

The benefits of experiential education have been validated by integration of ‘field trips’ modern curriculums and the preservation of museums around the world. Many studies have shown that people form better memories through real life experiences and interactions, rather than reading about them from a piece of paper. We believe that this is a cue for virtual reality.

Our mission is to challenge the ways in which we digest educational content. Our products are pioneer applications in what we believe will eventually become an entire market of educational content for the burgeoning virtual reality industry.

In this interview, Jazmin talks about some of the projects that they’re working on including Discovr Rome and a periodic table educational experience. She shares some of her lessons learned, how she draws on inspiration from Ready Player One’s Oasis, and what she is looking forward to the most within virtual reality.

It’s clear to me that Jazmin has a lot of passion for the future potential of VR, and I’m really excited to see what role Discovr will play in the educational VR space.

For more information, you can check out Discovr Labs’ website or check out UploadVR’s interview with the founder Josh Madonado.

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