#1167: Countering the Bystander Effect of Drug-Induced Sexual Assaults with Interactive Narrative “Missing 10 Hours VR”

Missing 10 Hours VR is an interactive immersive narrative designed to counter the bystander effect by recreating different social dynamics and peer pressure as your virtual friend attempts to spike a woman’s drink with a date rape drug GHB and then isolate her by the end of the night. Here’s a description of the piece:

In this interactive VR piece, the viewer is led on a night out by Greg, a big-headed guy with bad intentions. He spikes 22-year-old Mara’s drink with the drug GHB, and she gradually loses control of her actions. A walk through the night ends in a backstreet, where Greg maneuvers Mara into a dark corner. The choices the viewer makes during the evening—go along with Greg, watch passively or intervene—determine the outcome: a safe ending, or arrest and questioning at the police station.

Missing 10 Hours VR Synopsis

There are different choices in first two acts of the piece that merely flavor the experience, but the choices of consequence all happen within the last act of the experience and lead to two main branches with four possible endings. I had a chance to catch up with the director of this piece Fanni Fazakas in order to learn more about how this project got started, how the interactive narrative evolved over time, the associated film by Krisztina Meggyes as a quest for answers in her own GHB blackout experience, and their hopes to show this piece to audiences far and wide as a tool for education and advocacy.

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Music: Fatality