#1136: “Reimagined” Quill Anthology Animation Series Creates New Fairy Tales with Female Protagonists

Reimagined Volume I: Nyssa uses Quill to tell the fairy tale story of a young woman on a mission to find her friend, and there’s a lot of stylized camera movements that adds a cinematic quality to a spatial story that’s otherwise pretty theatrically staged. It was was produced by Meta, but the launch date hasn’t been announced yet as it’s still making the rounds on the festival circuit.

I had a chance to catch up the director Julie Cavaliere and producer Michaela Ternasky-Holland at Venice Immersive to get a bit more context to this anthology series that they pitched to Meta. They’re creating a new canon of stories inspired by existing fairy tales, but taken in new directions given that they’re writing these new stories for female protagonists. We talked about the process of coming from the film world, how Cavaliere got a lot of pointers and help along the way, how they’re using the elements and temperaments to design their character arcs, their collaboration with Studio Syro, and how the pandemic shut down other film projects providing an opening for them to develop this project. They’re already in production on the next installments in the series with Ternasky-Holland episode II and a guest director coming in for episode III.

Keep an eye out for this series as it’s a polished piece that manages to have a refined cinematic quality while also taking advantage of the spatial medium of VR to transport you into these fairy tale realms.


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