#110: Elyse Bromser-Kloeden on Vrideo’s 360-degree video streaming, environment art & educational VR

Elyse-Bromser-KloedenElyse Bromser-Kloeden is a 3D environment artist and VR developer who is working on a 360-degree video streaming site called Vrideo. Vrideo is focused on making VR streaming work, and they’re doing some special optimizations provide a better quality VR streaming experience.

Elyse also has her own personal educational VR experiences including Meso VR and Painted Cave. She’s worked in the games industry as an environment artist and art director on games like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Til Morning’s Night. She’s also been freelancing in working on different projects where she’s able to create real-time VR environments.

Elyse is working on the user interface at Vrideo so there’s a consistent cross-platform VR experience from web to mobile to PC. She’s noticed that text-heavy content needs special attention in VR because it can be overwhelming. Other questions of how real to make the environment versus how abstract it should be so that the focus should be on the video content.

She talks about her educational experiences with Painted Cave and Meso VR. She used Autodesk’s free 123D Catch photogrammetry program to capture textures and 3D models at Vasquez Rocks to create Painted Cave. In the process, she learned the importance of starting by optimizing your VR experience from the beginning to create a comfortable VR experience first, and then focus on making things look good from there.

Elyse talks about how she’s using photos from online combined with Google Street View’s photo sphere captures of Mayan Ruins in order to create her Meso VR experience. She’s has some educational features that she’ll be adding to her experience, including a lot of historical insights based upon working directly with archeologists studying Mayan artifacts.

Her favorite educational experience is 6000 Moons, which is a guided tour of all of Earth’s satellites. She makes the great point that a lot of the iOS educational experiences are geared more towards youth, and the VR educational experiences tend to be more targeted towards an older adult audience.

For more information, be sure to check out Vrideo, which just launched yesterday as well as Elyse’s portfolio site.

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