danny-bittmanOver the past couple of years, Danny Bittman has logged over 1800 hours in programs like Tiltbrush & Google Blocks on his way to becoming a full-time VR artist. Bittman started studying film, but realized that he had a lot to catch up with of over 100 years of cinematic history. He decided to pivot to virtual reality since the biggest thing holding him back from becoming a professional VR artist was putting in the hours to learn the tools, rapidly iterate on projects, and explore the potential of spatial storytelling. He has found a niche in creating vast landscapes in Tiltbrush that take dozens of hours to create. Over the past couple of years, Bittman has collaborated with Marvel on a Doctor Strange, helped beta test Google Blocks, created art for TheWave performances, performed at a VMWare conference, and was the lead artist on Billy Corgan’s Aeronaut music video in collaboration with Viacom NEXT.

I had a chance to talk with Bittman at Oculus Connect 4 about his journey in becoming a full-time VR artist, how he uses VR to express and reflect on his emotional states, how he’s using VR to document his dreams, and how his experiences of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in his hometown of Newtown, CT have affected what he creates and wants to experience in VR.


Here’s the Aeronaut music video in collaboration with Billy Corgan

Here’s the Scribbler Mixed Reality Video

Here’s Bittman’s visualization of Dream sequence

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Music: Fatality

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