#1013: Parisi’s Metaverse Manifesto: Unpacking His Seven Rules for the Metaverse

Tony Parisi published really great Metaverse manifesto on October 22nd titled The Seven Rules for the Metaverse, which attempts to rein in some of the more hyperbolic musings about what the Metaverse is or could be.

Tim Sweeney & Epic Games have been talking a lot about the metaverse, but the hype train really left the station after Mark Zuckerberg told Casey Newton on July 22nd, “I think we will effectively transition from people seeing us as primarily being a social media company to being a metaverse company.” There was CNBC’s Jim Cramer trying to explain the Metaverse on July 29th, and then an explosion of companies talking about “our metaverse” or “enterprise metaverse” or “metaverses.” This led to a series of Tweets from Parisi from August 11th to 29th incrementally laying some boundaries and principles for what would become The Seven Rules of the Metaverse, which formally wrote up and published yesterday.

Parisi’s Seven Rules for the Metaverse
1. There is Only One Metaverse.
2. The Metaverse is for Everyone.
3. Nobody Controls the Metaverse.
4. The Metaverse is Open.
5. The Metaverse is Hardware-Independent.
6. The Metaverse is a Network.
7. The Metaverse is the Internet.

HTC’s Alvin Graylin presented Some of Parisi’s Rules for the Metaverse at Metaverse Conference in Beijing on September 15th, which inspired me to track down his original Tweets, and document them in a Tweet.

This led me to reconnecting with Parisi, and setting up a time to chat with him on October 22nd after he had a chance to properly write them all up. So it was great to have a chance to talk through and unpack them more over the course of a 70-minute conversation.


Here’s a thread of my comments brainstorming what a human rights framework might look like for the Metaverse in response to a comment made by Erica Southgate.

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