The Tribeca Film Festival is releasing fifteen 360 videos that were programmed within their Cinema360 program for free via the Oculus TV platform, and they’ll be available to watch until April 26th. This is a great opportunity to see a portion of the types of pieces that are typically programmed at film festivals, however, the 18 Virtual Arcade, PC-based VR stories do not have any current plans for digital distribution or screenings. It’s worth noting that last year’s Storyscape’s Winner The Key was released yesterday, and I highly, highly recommend checking that out to get a sense of the 6-DoF & interactive, immersive stories that typically screen at Tribeca — and be sure to then go back and listen to the interview that I did with director CĂ©line Tricart in Voices of VR episode #821.

But I had a chance to speak with senior programmer and chief curator of Tribeca Immersive Loren Hammonds about turning a portion of Tribeca Immersive virtual, as well as an overview of the fifteen 360 video pieces. He provides a spoiler-free introduction and sets a deeper context for the program, and I dive into my thoughts and reflections on the pieces at the end. You should be able to see watch the four Cinema360 programs on the Oculus Quest or the Oculus Go via Oculus TV, and you can get more context in this interview with Hammonds, via this Oculus blog post overview, or from the Cinema360 program online.


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