#874 VR for Good: Using AR to Explore Contested Sites in New Orleans with Nancy Baker Cahill’s 4th Wall App

Nancy Baker Cahill is an artist who is creating the 4th Wall App AR platform that distributes inclusive, augmented reality art at site-specific, locations that are contested in some way. She launched Battlegrounds: New Orleans in December 2019, and it includes a number of AR art pieces from local artists who are commenting on the history and stories that have been overlooked or contested in some way.

Augmented reality art allows artists an expanded free speech zone of sorts to be able to overlay a volumetric contextualization of controversial locations, and hopefully creates what Cahill calls a “ghostly presence” that allows new narratives to be shared and new collective meaning to be created.

I previously talked to Cahill at the Games for Change Conference in June 2019, and she has launched in New Orleans since then. She’s taking an iterative approach of engaging local communities, and is still in the process of fundraising in order to more fully build out the 4th Wall App.


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