#1131: Unpacking Taiwan’s Immersive Storytelling Innovations with Taiwan Creative Content Agency & Kaohsiung Film Festival

Two of my favorite experiences at Venice Immersive this year were from Taiwan, All That Remains and The Man Who Couldn’t Leave, which took the top jure prize this year. Red Tail was another animated piece from Taiwan that was selected for competition. Taiwan has consistently had a really strong showing of immersive stories at Venice Immersive over the past number of years, which is somewhat surprising given that the country only has 27 million residents. I sat down with Grace Lee, the Director of Content & Culture Technology Department, Taiwan Creative Content Agency, and Sebox Hong of the Kaohsiung Film Festival in order to unpack more of what’s happening within the Taiwanese Immersive Storytelling community and how the government is encouraging citizens to share their stories and cultural identity through the latest immersive technologies.

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