#1118: Getting 4000 Users on a Single Virtual World Instance with RP1’s Network Architecture

I got a demo of RP1‘s single shard with 4000 users in mid-July, and then chatted with 3 team members in August to unpack their journey towards creating a scalable network architecture for the Metaverse. Their demo was built on WebXR, but it could be used on other game engines as well. There are real limitations on the client-side and VR hardware with how many of those 4000 users can been rendered within a close proximity, but having a single instance with hundreds or thousands of people could start to open up new use cases for cultivating virtual spaces that recreate some of the social dynamics of tech conferences, large-scale concerts, or perhaps persistent Burning Man playa communities that focus on serendipitous collisions and real-time hangouts. I unpack RP1’s design process and potential implications of large-scale shards for the Metaverse with CEO Sean Mann, Chief Architect Dean Abramson, and Chief Client Architect Yin-Chien Yeap (aka Yinch).

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