#1085: Site-Specific Immersive Audio Piece “Radio Ghost” Changed the Way I See Malls

Radio Ghost is a 70-minute, interactive and immersive audio piece for three people that’s site-specific to a mall. It’s meant to unpack the unseen stories of unethical consumption and deconstruct the design patterns of shopping malls. It’s has an upbeat and playful tone delivered by a radio DJ playing tunes from the 80s, and guiding each user on a ghost hunter journey as they cross thresholds into stores and discover unseen stories of oppression related to various items for sale. You report back your experiences to the other two players, who are simultaneously going on their own ghost hunting adventures. The experience also guides you through an embodied journey walking at different paces through the hallways, and invites you to pay attention to your surroundings in a new way. The end result was an immersive experience that I found to be both memorable and sticky for how it was able to change my perspective on how I see malls.

I was one of 30-40 people who had a chance to experience a Radio Ghost prototype at an Austin Mall during SXSW, and afterwards I was able to break down my experience and get an experiential design breakdown from ZU-UK’s Artistic Director Persis Jadé Maravala and Executive Producer Jorge Lopes Ramos. Radio Ghost will be showing at a number of other festivals during 2022, and keep an eye out on their website or social media for more details on a potential public release sometime later this year or next.


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Music: Fatality