#380: What Broadway Theater Can Teach 360 Video

max-bolotovKonceptVR has produced a couple of 360 videos for Broadway Theater productions that includes a promo with the cast of Hamilton as well as a music video with the cast of School of Rock. I had a chance to catch up with KonceptVR’s Max Bolotov at SVVR 2016 where he shared a lot of his lessons learned from working on broadway, some history of 360 video rigs with Freedom 360, and one of the very first 360 music videos produced by yellowBird in 2010 that inspired him to get into spherical video.


Here’s the School of Rock video:

Here’s the Hamilton promo video:

And here’s the rocket launch video that KonceptVR was showing at SVVR 2016.

And here’s an unwrapped version of one Professor Green’s “Coming to Get Me”, which was of the first 360 music videos

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Music: Fatality & Summer Trip