Nicole-LazzaroNicole Lazzaro is the founder and president of XEODesign, Inc., has twenty years expertise in Player Experience Design for mass-market entertainment products. She’s recently started developing and consulting on a number of different virtual reality projects, and has a lot of insights in terms of how to go beyond an interesting VR tech demo and the elements required to translate that into a full game.

She’s come up with a model called Four Keys to Fun, which she describes as the following:

  1. Easy Fun (Novelty): Curiosity from exploration, role play, and creativity
  2. Hard Fun (Challenge): Fiero, the epic win, from achieving a difficult goal
  3. People Fun (Friendship): Amusement from competition and cooperation
  4. Serious Fun (Meaning): Excitement from changing the player and their world

She talks about some of the VR experiences that she thinks have started to bridge that gap between a novel tech demo and experiences that start to incorporate those challenging and hard fun elements.

Nicole also recently gave a presentation about 5 Must Have VR Strategies for Better Games that provides more details. For more information, then be sure to check out her website for XEODesign, Inc.

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