hive-schematicProfessor Eric Hodgson explores some of the psychological impacts of virtual reality when it comes to spatial perception & memory, and effects like change blindness. He also talks about how to walk in infinite VR spaces within limited physical spaces with a technique called redirected walking. Finally, he talks about insights from IEEE VR community on this consumer VR revolution, compares the split between the old VR community to the new VR community, 3D user interfaces, data visualizations, and some examples for how corporations and the military are using VR.

EricHodgson_2008Eric Hodgson is the director of the Smale Visualization Center & also works with the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies at the Miami University of Ohio. He runs the HIVE (huge immersive virtual environment), which is a gym-sized VR Lab. For more information on Eric, here’s some of his VR research publications.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:04 Redirected Walking
  • 3:50 Factors that go into spatial perception & visual dominance
  • 5:26 Why was the HIVE lab built?
  • 8:10 How our spatial memory works
  • 10:49 Change blindness for changes that are out of the field of view
  • 12:12 Navigating geometrically impossible spaces & how we mentally fill in gaps
  • 13:29 Movement speeds in virtual environments – natural vs. VR movement speeds
  • 14:38 Why VR movement speeds are 2x normal walking speeds. Field-of-view?
  • 15:42 IEEEVR community perspective on the rise of consumer VR
  • 17:20 The divide between Old VR vs New VR communities
  • 19:03 Future of Professional VR companies & high-end VR markets
  • 20:41 How the military is using VR
  • 22:42 How corporations are using VR
  • 25:04 Why now? The timing of this VR revolution. Previous low-end VR headsets
  • 27:01 Cutting-edge demos and prototypes at IEEE VR conference
  • 30:03 3DUI conference, and user interface research in VR environments
  • 30:58 Highlights of the future of telepresence keynote from the IEEE VR conference
  • 34:03 Where VR is headed within five years & what gets you excited about what’s to come
  • 35:41 Data visualization within 3D VR environments


Music: “Fatality” by Tigoolio

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