#758: Experiential Design for Corporate Consulting, Organizational Transformation, & Cultivating Culture with SYPartner’s Ida Benedetto

ida-benedettoIda Benedetto gave the opening keynote of the Immersive Design Summit where she shared some of the work that she’s doing as an experiential designer as a corporate consultant at SYPartners working with companies on organizational transformation and cultivating a company culture that’s aligned to their mission statement. I’ve previously interviewed Benedetto in episode #558 on her design patterns for transformation where she looked at sex parties, funerals, and outdoor adventures as all having similar risk that provided a ripe context for personal transformation. She distilled down the common elements into a framework that she explains on her site called Patterns of Transformation.

Benedetto has also been personally exploring a lot of more transgressive spiritual practices focused on transformation as she continues to explore the frontiers of transformational practices from the more esoteric corners of culture. She’s been starting to integrate some of these practices into her work as she guided everyone at the Immersive Design Summit on a shamanic journey to help attendees get in touch with some of their more intuitive insights that go beyond the rational brain. She’s hoping to discover some of the deeper and more universal experiential design elements, and then apply them to helping to solve really pragmatic organizational transformation and the cultivation of company culture that’s aligned to a deeper meaning and purpose.

I spoke to Benedetto at the Immersive Design Summit after her opening keynote where we talk about how she’s bringing these experiential design principles into Fortune 500 companies like Starbucks, what she thinks are some of the fundamental components of individual and cultural transformation, and how experiential design is being used to bring about real change through the work of corporate consultants like SYPartners.


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