#733: Community Media PublicVR Labs + How Hyperlocal Organizing is an Emerging Trend for Brands

kathy-bisbeeKathy Bisbee started the first publicly funded VR lab called PublicVR Lab, and she’s leading an initiative for the 1500 community media centers in the United States to start offering kits and programs to help create community media immersive technology projects. Bisbee said that she was surprised to hear that brand managers at major companies are starting to explore using tried and true community organizing techniques in order to do hyperlocal community engagement programs ranging from education, skill sharing, or immersive experiences. This was the first interview that I conducted at the Sundance Film Festival 2019, and this concept of community engagement and outreach came up a number of other times throughout the week as an emerging trend that pairs well with specific VR or AR experiences. Immersive storytelling experiences have the potential to create a shared context for group experiences, which can then facilitate moderated conversations with community groups about topics that are importance to their local community.


This podcast episode is the first of a series of 26 interview with 46 people that I conducted at Sundance 2019, and I’m trying an experiment where I’m releasing all of the conversations that I had at Sundance in sequential order.

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