#714: VR Privacy Summit: Electronic Frontier Foundation on Privacy on the Web

dave-maassThe VR Privacy Summit happened at Standord University on November 8th to explore pressing issues around biometric data privacy in virtual reality. There were around 50 representatives from around the VR industry with representatives from nearly all of the major companies, and I was the only journalist present for the event. The gathering was held under the Chatam House rules meaning that participants can talk about what was talked about at the meeting without providing identifying information about what other people said.

I talk to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s senior investigate researcher Dave Maass who attended the VR Privacy Summit To learn more some of the VR-specific biometric data concerns. Maass is a VR enthusiast, and talked about the EFF’s VR experience Spot the Surveillance, which was just relesed. I talk to Maass about the EFF’s perspective on what’s happening with privacy on the web, some of their broader privacy initiatives, how the EFF and other consumer privacy non-private advocates are still ramping up on the privacy issues in VR, and some of his takeaways from the first VR Privacy Summit.


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