#684: Insight Engineering: Data Portability, Identity, VR, & The IoT Edge

Samantha Matthews Chase calls GDPR – General Data Portability Regulations rather than data protection. GDPR has forced many companies to make over a decade’s worth of our data available to use, and Chase sees this as a goldmine that can be mined for insights into ourselves.

She’s been looking at how the combination of VR and edge devices on Internet of Things and are going to catalyze a lot of data collection about ourselves. Who is going to own that data? And what can we do with it?

These questions have driven Chase to investigate the protocols around Self-Sovereign Identity, and to experiment with how all of this data can be remixed into chatbot art projects that can archive our identities and digital representations of ourselves. And perhaps all of this data can be used beyond the generation of psychographic data profiles and advertising, and maybe it’ll be able to provide some genuine contemplative self-reflection to help us understand more about ourselves.

I talk with Chase about believes that there may be many market opportunities for this type of “Insight Engineering” that could come from the data mining, processing, and virutal spatialization of all of this data.


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