The threat of forking a blockchain project is a catalyst for cooperation, which means that there are many parallels between the blockchain and open source development dynamics. It also means that the value of a blockchain project comes more from a vibrant ecosystem of participants who are exchanging value with each other.

There are many new cryptoeconomic primitives that are pointing towards gift economy and “yin currency” dynamics where the more that you give away, then the more that you get.

  • Will there be new economic behaviors that are revealed through the unique blend of Tech, Law, Culture, & Markets?
  • Do the economics of cryptocurrency tokens allow for a more equitable redistribution of wealth?
  • What’s a more sustainable method for funding and cultivating open source software development?
  • And can you actually get more value with the more value that you give away?

These are all questions that Joseph Poon is setting out to answer through a number of experiments with his new project just recently announced.

I had a chance to talk to Poon at the Decentralized Web Summit about some of the theory and philosophical concepts that he’s exploring around coordination mechanisms, group dynamics, and collective action decisions. He’s exploring how technology (algorithms & code) works in relationship to human incentives (economic market), social dynamics (culture), & coordinating group dynamics (governance models).


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