#671: “Electronauts” Democratizes Remix DJing & Musical Improvisation

nathan-burbaElectronauts is a cross between a simplified DJ simulator and improvisational music tool from Survios that is launching today. It’s releasing with over 40 electronic songs that allows you to step into the DJ booth and control the flow of the music. Each song has been broken down into component parts in such a way that allows for the DJ to add and subtract musical instruments, but also add new looping melodies with a variety of different synthesized instruments. It’s been able to find the perfect balance of providing an underlying architecture of an pre-authored song while also providing the user a lot of their own generative agency to be able to explore, improvise, and control the overall flow of the song.

I had a chance to talk with Survios co-founder and president Nathan Burba where he talks about their journey towards democratizing DJing and musical improvisation, collaborating with musical artists, developing a customized Music Reality Engine™, and some of the VR design considerations of creating an intuitive and empowering experience for musical remixing. Electronauts was inspired in part by a documentary called RiP! A Remix Manifesto about remix culture featuring artists like Girl Talk. VR is helping to transform passive media consumption into active participation through remix culture that’s been simplified and made more accessible through the Electronauts user interface.


Here’s a video of Electronauts produced by LIV:

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