#670: A Primer on Self-Sovereign Identity Standards with Kaliya Young

kaliyaKaliya Young (aka Identity Woman) has been working on digital identities for the past 15 years including helping facilitate the twice-a-year Internet Identity Workshop. These workshops lead to the Rebooting the Web of Trust workshops and the Decentralized Identity Foundation, which created a W3C specification on Decentralized Identifiers.

I had a chance to catch up with Young at the Decentralized Web Summit where we talk about the Decentralized Identifiers standards and the history of self-sovereign identity.


I previously interviewed VR developer Alberto Elias about his work towards implementing self-sovereign identity for WebXR. He was previously named Holonet, but is now named Simbol. He released an A-Frame component for Self-Sovereign Identity during the Decentralized Web Summit.

I moderated a panel discussion at the Decentralized Web Summit about the cross section of VR and decentralized technologies including Simbol’s Elias, High Fidelity’s Philip Rosedale, Venn Agency’s Sam Chase, JanusVR’s James Baicoianu, and WebXR developer AndrĂ©s Cuervo where talked about how self-sovereign identity could used to seamlessly traverse different immersive locations on a decentralized metaverse.

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