#644: Beat Saber Lets You Become the Music Through Puzzles Your Body Solves

Beat Saber is a rhythm game that is like an embodied puzzle game that creates a visceral connection to 10 custom music tracks. It’s similar to Soundboxing and Audio Shield, but you use extended light sabers rather than your fists, which makes you feel like a ninja. I’ve had a chance to play on the early beta version, and I played for an hour a day for the past week. It’s an extremely satisfying game that I expect will have a lot of crossover appeal for people who have never tried VR before. The LIV mixed reality streaming integration means that you’re going to be seeing a lot of Beat Saber videos in the next few weeks of people sharing their perfect runs, flow states, and expressions of personality through dancing. Beat Saber really utilizes the best aspects of embodied gameplay that is completely unique to VR, and there is a challenging puzzle aspect with the arrows dictating which direction you need to swipe. I had a chance to talk with the chief programmer Jan Ilavsky and music composer Jaroslav Beck at GDC about the development of Beat Saber, some more details about their scoring algorithm, and where they’re taking it in the future.


Beat Saber is being released in early access on Steam, and there’s a lot more content and features sure to come in the future.

Here’s a couple of runs of Beat Saber in expert mode.

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