tony-parisiTony Parisi is the Head of AR & VR strategy at Unity so he has an insider’s perspective of not only where the VR and AR industry is today, but some hints as to what xR is going to look like by 2025. Parisi had a fireside chat with HTC Viveport president ​Rikard Steiber at Greenlight Strategy’s Virtual Reality Strategy conference in 2025 where they made some predictions about the future of immersive technology, and what they expect to see by 2025. I had a chance to talk with Parisi about his predictions, but also talk about the current state of the union for VR and AR. He says that VR and AR are still doubling and that all of the major players are still committed, and so it’s an exponential growth that is still before the hockey stick curve of rapid acceleration. So VR is still yet to cross the chasm into the mainstream, but Parisi says that it’s just a matter of time and that all indicators is that VR and AR are still quite strong and growing. We also talk about VR and the open web, whether or not we’ll still see apps in AR in 2025, and the tradeoffs between backwards compatibility and innovative new features and functionality.


Parisi mentions a Holographic capture system that hadn’t been released yet, and he was referring to Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture:

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