#566: VRChat Anecdotes + Dealing with Harassment & Tolling in Social VR

gunterGunter S. Thompson has been hosting VR meetups in VRChat for the past 3 years where he will give guided tours through the latest additions to the VRChat metaverse, and he also hosts a live talk show every Tuesday called “Gunter’s Universe.” I had a chance to catch up with Gunter at SVVR about two months after VRChat launched on Steam on February 1st where we talked about highlights from his social VR adventures, the challenges of dealing with harassment and trolling with VRChat after it’s public launch, and hanging out at the most popular bar in the metaverse, which is called “The Great Pug.”


Here’s Episode #42 of Gunters Universe featuring Duncan Trussell & Zach Leary

A talk about Intellectual Property Rights in that took place in “The Great Pug” in VRChat

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