alex-faaborgAt Google I/O this year, Google announced the Daydream VR platform and mobile headset that will be coming to the latest Android phones later this year. There’s a DIY dev kit that you can start using today to start developing Daydream-ready apps, and Google has also released a Google VR Unity SDK that includes a number of DaydreamLabs Controller Playground examples to demonstrate different user interactions with the 3DOF controller.

I had a chance to catch up with Google VR’s Alex Faaborg at the Casual Connect conference where talked about some of the VR design best practices, some of the early survey results from Google showing an average play time of 30 minutes per session, what can be learned from Pokémon Go, the differences between Tango and Daydream app design, social norms around using VR around other people, and the future of conversational interfaces.


Here’s the presentation from Google I/O on Designing for Daydream:

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