todd-hooperI had a chance to try out VREAL’s VR streaming technology a few weeks ago, and I think they’ve made some key technological breakthoughs that makes it possible to livestream an entire virtual reality experience. Rather than render out a 2D, first-person video or a third person mixed reality video, VREAL is sending a smaller set of serialized data so that you can render all of the VR objects, cameras, and internal state of a VR experience at 90 fps by utilizing your own PC hardware. I had a chance to catch up with CEO and founder Todd Hooper to talk about VREAL’s streaming plans, key features, and functionality including video exports, website ecosystem, and future plans. Just as streaming has become a big deal in video games, VR streaming is going to be an even bigger deal since they’re combining the magic of social VR interactions with watching their favorite personalities be immersed within VR experiences.


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