#375: Immersive Analytics & Embodied Cognition

chris-northAt the IEEE VR conference this year, there was a pre-conference workshop about Immersive Analytics, which talked about how to use VR & multi-sensory interfaces to support analytical reasoning, decision making, and real-world analytics tasks by immersing users in their data. Data visualization expert Chris North gave the keynote for the Immersive Analytics workshop, and I had a chance to catch up with him to talk about the four different ways that intelligence analysts use space for Big Visualization, Big Cognition, Big Interaction, and Big Algorithms. Chris also explains why the principles of embodied cognition are causing intelligence analysts to look at how to use the body, physical movement, and the surrounding environment in order to support and amplify distributed cognition.


Here’s more details about some of the other talks at the Immersive Analytics workshop at IEEE VR 2016, and a link to the paper on the Six Views on Embodied Cognition by Margaret Wilson that Chris recommended that everyone should check out.

And here’s a graphic of the Pirolli-Card Sensemaking Loop that Chris referred to within his talk as a process that intelligence analysts use in order to do intelligence analysis.

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